Stargrave Crew: Fletcher’s Fetchers

A portrait of the painted Stargrave crew

A Stargrave crew long overdue

I printed and painted a Stargrave crew a few years ago, and it occupied a shelf since then. When we kicked off our miraculous Stargrave campaign, I seized the chance to recall them to active duty. You may have seen some of them in my solo game write up, but allow me to reintroduce them here.

For this crew I chose an Aristocrat as captain and a Veteran first mate. I use them mainly as support for expensive soldiers on the front line. Because its members are costly to replace, the crew focuses on risk mitigation and loot more than direct combat. Four of its members can deploy smoke grenades, and six carry loot-unlocking tools.

Ambrosias Fletcher, Aristocrat

A card I made as a game aid, showing a model portrait and its game statistics.

Ambrosias Fletcher fled his life of leisure and authority just in time to avoid annihilation in the Last War. Not content to become another commoner refugee or pirate deckhand, he marshaled the last of his resources to assemble a crew. He uses his extensive contacts to seek lucrative opportunities to keep him in the lifestyle to which he is accustomed.

Ambrosias is all about wealth. Four of his five powers are out of game, focused on gaining and spending income. He spends most of his turns activating his one in-game power, Inspiring, to bolster his crew’s effectiveness and accumulate experience points, until he reaches a physical loot token to pry open with his specialized tools and impressive Will.

Benton Durham, Veteran

A card I made as a game aid, showing a model portrait and its game statistics.

Durham doesn’t talk about the war, but he obviously participated. Someone with his skills could find a place in the pirate fleets, but he runs with Fletcher instead. Most of his powers boost the effectiveness of his crew mates, and he carries a Deck to unlock data loot.


Fletcher hired two Pathfinders and a Casecracker to support his loot-and-scoot strategy. He ought to have hired a Codebreaker too, but opted for a Gun Fighter instead. Perhaps blackmail was involved. (The truth is, I just love that kellermorph model too much to pass up.)


Even Fletcher’s least specialized soldiers include a Hacker and two Chiselers. They ply their craft under the cover of diplomatic smoke grenades provided by the officers and Pathfinders.

Game play

I have played four games with Fletcher’s Fetchers, and I love it. The specialists engage opposing crews and threats just enough to cover the loot gatherers and discourage needless violence, keeping casualties low and funds adequate. I enjoy the play style; with Fletcher’s Fetchers I always look forward to my next game.






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