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  • Stargrave Crew: Fletcher’s Fetchers

    Stargrave Crew: Fletcher’s Fetchers

    A Stargrave crew long overdue I printed and painted a Stargrave crew a few years ago, and it occupied a shelf since then. When we kicked off our miraculous Stargrave campaign, I seized the chance to recall them to active duty. You may have seen some of them in my solo game write up, but…

  • Hive graffiti experiment: patriarch stencil

    Hive graffiti experiment: patriarch stencil

    I recently gained access to a Cricut machine and decided to follow an impulse to make a multilayer stencil. If successful, this will become one element in a strategy to add cultist graffiti to current and future Pilgrimage District terrain. Inspiration My friend Daniel and I thought it would be cool to represent his Genestealer…

  • Grimdark Future: Tech Moon Rising at Comrade’s Wargames

    Comrade Patrick returns with a great write-up of the other of our side-by-side games of Grimdark Future last week! Today’s Grimdark Future battle report (the next installment in The Cauldron, our ongoing grimdark/Inq28 themed narrative campaign) took place far from the glittering spires of Hive Sacrament on Gamma Euphorion Prime. While the miserable defenders of…

  • Grimdark Future escalation campaign: conflict above, conflict below

    Grimdark Future escalation campaign: conflict above, conflict below

    Saturday I hosted the fourth gathering of our One Page Rules Grimdark Future escalation campaign. Nine players, 8000 total points.

  • Welcome to the Pilgrimage District

    Welcome to the Pilgrimage District

    I wanted to play Inq28. I imagined a critical world cut off by the Great Rift, vulnerable, with imperial agents struggling alone to suppress heretical secessionists and other, darker influences. This would require terrain, so I built some. Pilgrimage District, Hive Sacrament, Gamma-Euphorion Prime During our group’s earlier campaigns, I created a subsector grappling with…

  • Vae Victis Swords for Hire: I like them

    I resolved to contribute to this blog every time I reach for my phone to browse Reddit — a shocking amount. Much of that work is still in draft because it discusses a surprise I’m working on for my local gaming group. Meanwhile, check out these minis I put together from the Swords for Hire…

  • I tried Instagram

    I tried Instagram

    Recent months gave me a professional advancement and took away capacity to write here with any quality. I still wanted to share miniatures wargaming creations online, so I started a hobby-only Instagram account, @orcs_illustrated.

  • SkullStar build part 3: skull trenches!

    SkullStar build part 3: skull trenches!

    I wrote about inspiration and design in part 1 and laying the mosaic in part 2. Now for my favorite part: skull trenches! Proof of concept I had a healthy collection of little plastic skulls, but not enough to fill the chaos star. I needed to make more. I decided to try push molding and…

  • SkullStar build part 2: chaos star mosaic

    SkullStar build part 2: chaos star mosaic

    Continuing from Part 1, in which I set the project aside to wait for inspiration to strike. Some kind of mosaic To make the board both versatile and distinctive, I decided to build a flat surface with some kind of mosaic pattern. That way, I could put whatever terrain pieces on top, or even cover…

  • Nightwatch: Mystery at Heerselt Manor

    With our second Nightwatch mission coming up this weekend, I’d like to share this report from our first mission written by Comrade Patrick. I wrote a little about hobby prep for it here. During that game I realized our collection of beastmen antagonists could use more ranged attackers, so I printed and painted some lovely…

  • SkullStar board part 1: inspiration, design, and initial construction

    SkullStar board part 1: inspiration, design, and initial construction

    I struggled to organize a post about SkullStar because it offers so much to describe and explain. Here I try managing it in multiple parts. First conception I unpacked a new dining room table and discovered two exciting facts about the packaging: The box was double-corrugated cardboard The packing foam included two discs almost perfectly…

  • SkullStar Warcry board