Hive graffiti experiment: patriarch stencil

I recently gained access to a Cricut machine and decided to follow an impulse to make a multilayer stencil. If successful, this will become one element in a strategy to add cultist graffiti to current and future Pilgrimage District terrain.


My friend Daniel and I thought it would be cool to represent his Genestealer Cult Patriarch model as a graffiti icon on some wall.

The monster in action during a recent game

He sent me a photo against a white background and I messed with the dials in Google Photos until the image was simple and high contrast. This I fed into to produce a set of stencils to apply in layers.

Feedstock for the Stencil Creator


I uploaded the SVG files to Cricut Design Space and added registration marks to align each layer. With help from a friend, I ran the Cricut for my first time ever to make stencils on scraps of vinyl. Everything worked!

I was absurdly excited about these three pieces of vinyl

It was time for a test paint. I used Molotow One4All and Golden High Flow paints I had to hand.

First layer done
Test complete


This method shows promise and I’m excited to refine it. A stencil this size would benefit from a simpler image, especially if I try to apply it to an irregular or hard to reach spot. I really want to base the final stencil on my friend’s model, but I think I should improve my method for simplifying the source image prior to stencil creation. Can you recommend a resource for this? I would love to hear it!






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