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  • Hive graffiti experiment: patriarch stencil

    Hive graffiti experiment: patriarch stencil

    I recently gained access to a Cricut machine and decided to follow an impulse to make a multilayer stencil. If successful, this will become one element in a strategy to add cultist graffiti to current and future Pilgrimage District terrain. Inspiration My friend Daniel and I thought it would be cool to represent his Genestealer…

  • SkullStar Warcry board

  • Airbrush speed painting bay horses

  • Age of Fantasy battle report and hobby response

    Age of Fantasy battle report and hobby response

    Report I played a game of Age of Fantasy with Comrade Patrick and our friend Vince. Patrick shows off his excellent chaos hordes army and describes the drama that happened on the tabletop. Check out his report, linked below. He also discusses how the rules supported the experience. I have only to add that I…

  • Mustering for Fantastic Battles

    Mustering for Fantastic Battles

    I intend to play small-scale mass battles again soon, thanks to the miracles of 3d printing and digital print-on-demand publishing. This started when I first saw Forest Dragon’s beautiful 10mm digital sculpts. After snatching up files for a pair of opposing armies, I hunted around the web for suitable rulesets. There are several good options…