Age of Fantasy battle report and hobby response


I played a game of Age of Fantasy with Comrade Patrick and our friend Vince. Patrick shows off his excellent chaos hordes army and describes the drama that happened on the tabletop. Check out his report, linked below.

He also discusses how the rules supported the experience. I have only to add that I LOVE how distinct and capable spears and lances are in Age of Fantasy. Swords are for suckers; my soldiers celebrate pointy sticks, and so do these rules.

Earlier this month we gathered in John’s garage war room to cross swords with Age of Fantasy, the rules-lite iteration of classic fantasy wargaming from One Page Rules. Given how much we enjoyed last month’s outing with Grimdark Future: Firefight last month, it seemed like a logical progression to explore Age of Fantasy. As the […]

Age of Fantasy: The Ravening Hordes


Seeing my Fireforge pegasus riders on the table inspired me to finish the last pegasus. This fellow had been on my backlog for too long.

Death from above

I started from an airbrush underpainting of acrylic magenta and white, then filtered with transparent yellows and golds. Next came a Payne’s Gray oil wash, then I finished the wings and other plumage in cadmium yellow and quinacridone magenta oils. The rider had been painted for more than a year, patiently awaiting his mount.

Check out their pointy sticks! #squadgoals

I painted each pegasus in the markings of a different bird. Can you guess which species? I need to flock this last model’s base, then they’ll all be ready to ruin their enemies!





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  1. theimperfectmodeller Avatar

    A very fine looking trio mate. 🙂

  2. Comrade Avatar

    Argh! That knight is indeed just what Marshal Begovic ordered. I’m already shuddering at that Impact (6) dice pool you’ll be tossing. Nice work!

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