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  • Vae Victis Swords for Hire: I like them

    I resolved to contribute to this blog every time I reach for my phone to browse Reddit — a shocking amount. Much of that work is still in draft because it discusses a surprise I’m working on for my local gaming group. Meanwhile, check out these minis I put together from the Swords for Hire…

  • I tried Instagram

    I tried Instagram

    Recent months gave me a professional advancement and took away capacity to write here with any quality. I still wanted to share miniatures wargaming creations online, so I started a hobby-only Instagram account, @orcs_illustrated.

  • SkullStar build part 3: skull trenches!

    SkullStar build part 3: skull trenches!

    I wrote about inspiration and design in part 1 and laying the mosaic in part 2. Now for my favorite part: skull trenches! Proof of concept I had a healthy collection of little plastic skulls, but not enough to fill the chaos star. I needed to make more. I decided to try push molding and…

  • SkullStar build part 2: chaos star mosaic

    SkullStar build part 2: chaos star mosaic

    Continuing from Part 1, in which I set the project aside to wait for inspiration to strike. Some kind of mosaic To make the board both versatile and distinctive, I decided to build a flat surface with some kind of mosaic pattern. That way, I could put whatever terrain pieces on top, or even cover…

  • Nightwatch: Mystery at Heerselt Manor

    With our second Nightwatch mission coming up this weekend, I’d like to share this report from our first mission written by Comrade Patrick. I wrote a little about hobby prep for it here. During that game I realized our collection of beastmen antagonists could use more ranged attackers, so I printed and painted some lovely…

  • SkullStar board part 1: inspiration, design, and initial construction

    SkullStar board part 1: inspiration, design, and initial construction

    I struggled to organize a post about SkullStar because it offers so much to describe and explain. Here I try managing it in multiple parts. First conception I unpacked a new dining room table and discovered two exciting facts about the packaging: The box was double-corrugated cardboard The packing foam included two discs almost perfectly…

  • SkullStar Warcry board

  • Building badlands terrain for Nightwatch

    Building badlands terrain for Nightwatch

    Markgraf von Hattendorf has hired you to put an end to the recent brutal raids on his hinterland settlements. With that scenario pitch, my local group started preparing for Nightwatch, a cooperative skirmish monster hunting wargame. We have played a couple scenarios before, but this will be our first full seven-game “long hunt.” The hunting…

  • Airbrush speed painting bay horses

  • Age of Fantasy battle report and hobby response

    Age of Fantasy battle report and hobby response

    Report I played a game of Age of Fantasy with Comrade Patrick and our friend Vince. Patrick shows off his excellent chaos hordes army and describes the drama that happened on the tabletop. Check out his report, linked below. He also discusses how the rules supported the experience. I have only to add that I…

  • Mustering for Fantastic Battles

    Mustering for Fantastic Battles

    I intend to play small-scale mass battles again soon, thanks to the miracles of 3d printing and digital print-on-demand publishing. This started when I first saw Forest Dragon’s beautiful 10mm digital sculpts. After snatching up files for a pair of opposing armies, I hunted around the web for suitable rulesets. There are several good options…

  • Majesticon Day 1: Nightwatch and Open Combat

    Circumstances permitted me to host a two-day skirmish wargaming extravaganza! Comrade Patrick reports. Hullo dear reader! I’m back after an uncharacteristic pause on this here blog. It’s been a busy summer without a lot of time for gaming, I’m afraid. But now that the days are getting shorter and the autumn winds are picking up,…