Vae Victis Swords for Hire: I like them

I resolved to contribute to this blog every time I reach for my phone to browse Reddit — a shocking amount. Much of that work is still in draft because it discusses a surprise I’m working on for my local gaming group.

Meanwhile, check out these minis I put together from the Swords for Hire set by Vae Victis Miniatures.

Brave explorers of the wilds of Realmlight, resin 3D printed from Vae Victis Miniatures digital files

I had a blast bashing these together from the first two Swords for Hire releases, plus a few bits from their town guard kits I splurged on after printing the first batch.

These printed and assembled like a dream. Unlike many presupported models, Vae Victis models printed successfully even without me overexposing them. Even better, they share the Lychee Slicer files so I can selectively augment print supports quick and easy, which will now become a purchasing criterion for me.

These little dudes are just perfect for a campaign of Five Leagues from the Borderlands I’m rolling up (more on that once they are painted).

An early survey of the geography of Realmlight





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