Mustering for Fantastic Battles

I intend to play small-scale mass battles again soon, thanks to the miracles of 3d printing and digital print-on-demand publishing.

Forces muster for Nic Wright’s Fantastic Battles

This started when I first saw Forest Dragon’s beautiful 10mm digital sculpts. After snatching up files for a pair of opposing armies, I hunted around the web for suitable rulesets. There are several good options available, but I chose Fantastic Battles by Nic Wright as the best fit for the preferences of my local gaming group. After a read-through, Fantastic Battles looks outstanding. I can’t wait to get these armies on the table!

Mighty little heroes

I have printed and finished painting a 500-point army of knights to represent Glostmurk’s finest protectors in our homebrew fantasy campaign setting. Colors and theme are consistent with my 28mm SAGA and Oathmark collection. After a few games I plan to make more. To oppose them, I printed a 500-point vampire host for my friend Comrade Patrick, who agreed to paint them for our first battle.

Ludmila von Blutkelche prepares to rain misery on eastern Glostmurk

I chose 10mm vampires to match my own still-unpainted 28mm collection, and because I know Patrick also has a large collection of undead minis in 28mm.

Scale comparison with her 28mm counterpart.

My very first ever wargame was De Bellis Antiquitatis in 15mm scale, and my very first and only Warhammer Fantasy army was Vampire Counts. I suppose old habits die hard.





2 responses to “Mustering for Fantastic Battles”

  1. Marc Avatar

    I recently got the itch to play some small-scale fantasy mass battle, bought Fantastic Battles and almost pulled the trigger on a big order from Microworld… Saw the total, calmed down, and decided to concentrate on Frostgrave. 🙂

    Looking forward to living vicariously through your battle reports!

    1. BartyB Avatar

      I can’t wait to share! I have enlisted three more people in my local group by offering them free printed armies if they paint them. With five armies total, perhaps we’ll have a proper campaign next year.

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