Mustering my SAGA troops for Oathmark

I plan to give Oathmark a try. With a SAGA: Age of Magic Great Kingdoms warband more or less finished and materials for a second The Horde warband on sprues, I decided to combine them into a rare alliance between the squabbling barons of Glostmurk in our homebrew world of Uthdyn. These petty nobles united briefly in the great War of Coins against the dwarven peoples, so this will be perfect to bring to my dwarf-loving friends. After this project I should have two opposing SAGA warbands and one unified Oathmark army.

To get started I took inventory of the relevant models in my collection. Let’s see what we have here…

Not a bad start for finished models. SAGA units use multiples of 4, while Oathmark uses multiples of 5. I’ll need to figure out how to add a few stragglers to each unit without them standing out too much. I hope I wrote down my paint scheme.

Now for a peek at my Pile of Potential. These guys I will want to paint or repaint.

As I look this over, a sequence emerges.

  1. Come up with backstory for two more barons – a horse lords one and a shaggy frontiersmen one.
  2. Design an Oathmark Kingdom combining all three baronies.
  3. Build and paint enough models to field a standard Oathmark army
  4. Finish building the second SAGA warband.

I’ll probably iterate back and forth, but this list will give me a framework. I’ll be saving the chariots and most of the Mongol cavalry until last. I need to decide how many to build as horse archers and how many as melee cavalry, but not today.

So there we have it. I hope you enjoyed rummaging around my mind and my model collection with me. I plan to post about progress as I make it, and maybe also a little about our ongoing Frostgrave campaign.





3 responses to “Mustering my SAGA troops for Oathmark”

  1. Comradepatrick Avatar

    Nice sequence! I see many opportunities for gaming as you grind through these milestones. Looking forward to the progress!

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