Oathmark: Begovic spears

Months ago I laid out my plan for expanding my SAGA warband into an Oathmark army. Deciding how grow my multiples-of-four units up to multiples of five, I settled on the obvious answer: buy more Oathmark Human Infantry! I remembered how much I enjoyed assembling and painting the first box and wanted to do it again.

Ready to deploy

I really adore these sculpts. They are just the well-disciplined, miserable sods I look for in a line infantry unit. Thanks to a happy accident during assembly, my favorite one looks a little punch drunk.

He struggles to keep his guard up

I tend to experiment when painting, and rarely record “recipes,” or stick to them when I do. Matching choices I made a couple years ago for a cohesive look has become a recurring challenge for me this year. How did I do this time?

Come at me, bro

These 20 spearmen were painted in three separate batches with months or years in between. The latest batch benefits from all the speed painting tricks I’ve picked up.

I wish a chaos lord would

I can’t wait to square these boys off against whatever my buddy Comrade Patrick has in store.





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