Grimdark Future: The Infected City

Comrade Patrick shares a battle report of last weekend’s game of Grimdark Future Firefight! We had four players forming two teams with 600 pts per side – quite a Sunday afternoon brawl!

We’ve been dipping a toe into the wonderful, rules-lite world of One Page Rules lately, and I finally had an opportunity to take some photos and do a writeup. One Page Rules publishes Grimdark Future, a fantastic fast-playing game inspired by Warhammer 40,000 (but minus the codex creep and insufferable meta that has come to […]

Grimdark Future: The Infected City

Alien Hunter Inquisitor

When I learned my friend Paul was dusting off his Tyranids for this game, I chased my muse and made an Alien Hunter Inquisitor for the occasion.

No sense dressing up fancy to wade through alien ichor

From impulse to 3d printed to painted, this guy took three evenings. He’s a trencher officer with a vampire hunter head, both from Anvil Digital. I made the base using a trick I learned from Dark Matter Workshop. To get the gross fleshy color, I painted following advice from my favorite mini painter Marco Frisoni. That basing trick was so much fun I kept going.

Alien hatchling objective markers

I have been experimenting with printing stl miniatures at reduced scales (more on that in future posts). These One Page Rules alien hives grunts came out with various limbs missing while I dialed in my supports and printer settings. Looking for an excuse to make more disgusting alien biomass bases, I snatched them up and disguised their missing bits with milliput egg pods. I love the result.

Such humble beginnings

Inquisitor’s retinue

This game marks the first time I have fielded an entirely 3d-printed force. Except for the inquisitor himself, my team came from The Maker’s Cult’s Feudal Guard range.

Did someone call the exterminators?

Check out Patrick’s report to see how they fared. One sure result: this veteran Imperial Guard player has acquired a taste for up-close melee combat. I decided this crew has too many ranged weapons, so I plan to replace the acolytes with these lovely Maker’s Cult dark techno assassins.

You know what the far future needs? More swords.





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  1. Comradepatrick Avatar

    Your warband was a knockout! Superb theme and execution, and of course it’s uniquely yours due to all the 3D printed customization. I’m pre-dreading the arrival of those melee troopers …

    1. BartyB Avatar

      Their blades quiver with anticipation. 😁

  2. Avatar

    I like your style.

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