Frostgrave: The Silent Tower

My friend Patrick published a battle report from our recent game of Frostgrave. Go check it out!

(That marauding bear mauled two of my warband to death, but Elder Futhark the Sigilist didn’t mind. They’re called expendable thugs for a reason…)

The next scenario in our Frostgrave campaign was straight out of the second edition rulebook: The Silent Tower! “Frostgrave has many dangerous places, yet few are as notorious and feared by wizards as this tower. A null-field, it negates all magic, leaving spellcasters powerless and vulnerable. Only the most daring and reckless dare to venture […]

Frostgrave: The Silent Tower






3 responses to “Frostgrave: The Silent Tower”

  1. Comradepatrick Avatar

    Extraordinary write-up! I love the milieu you are building.

    1. BartyB Avatar

      I’m a big fan of that author’s blog. 😉

      1. Comradepatrick Avatar

        Darn, I had intended this comment to be posted on your new Stargrave crew!! Argh.

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